Care coordination in the blink of an eye

DigiSight Technologies connects and leverages ophthalmic datasets to provide better care for patients, enable efficient workflows for providers, and create deeper insights for the entire ophthalmic community and their referring providers.

Care Collaboration for the 21st Century

Continuity of Care


Collect ophthalmic results at the point-of-care

Consult with specialists in real-time

Enable patient handoffs between providers

Cost Reduction


Reduce patient wait times

Avoid unnecessary referrals

Leverage affordable technologies

Interoperable Solution


Capture with any imaging system

Share information instantly

Integrate with your EHR

Multi-Location Coordination

"As we provide care to patients in multiple hospitals around the city, we find this technology streamlines coordination, saves time, and improves the quality of care."

Nitish Mehta, MD
NYU Langone Medical Center

Emergency Room Consultations

"Paxos could serve as the platform that ophthalmology communicates with other medical services, especially inpatient based services... This would allow us to more efficiently identify individuals with eye pathology and treat them earlier."

Derek Kunimoto, MD
Retinal Consultants of Arizona

Residency Programs

"One of the big issues right now in resident education and large hospital medicine that involves a teaching institution is handing off patients during a shift change. By having a mobile cloud system, we can transfer lists and patient information from phone to phone in a HIPAA-compliant environment and make the handoff process much easier, secure, and efficient."

Gene Kim, MD
University of Texas, Houston

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