Emergency Room Providers Welcome Teleophthalmology Solutions For Eye-Related Injuries

Washington, DC – November 1, 2017 – Patients suffering eye injuries commonly visit emergency rooms across the United States. During a 5-year period, there were nearly 12 million emergency department visits for ocular problems (JAMA Ophthalmol. 2016;134(3):312-319). However, ophthalmology is largely an outpatient specialty, and providers are generally not employed by hospitals and mostly located at remote outpatient offices.

In October 2017, DigiSight Technologies participated in the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly (ACEP17) in Washington, DC and met with emergency providers from around the United States to discuss how teleophthalmology could transform the consult experience for eye-related injuries. DigiSight surveyed ACEP17 attendees and found that timely ophthalmic consults presented a challenge for emergency room efficiencies across the country. A third of surveyed attendees reporting consult wait times of at least an hour or more, and fifty percent stated that consult times were greater than two hours or unpredictable at best.

Most of these emergency physicians rely on on-call community ophthalmologists, who often have a full schedule of patients in clinic. While phone consultations are common, ophthalmology offers the ability to use imaging as objective clinical information, but most emergency rooms lack equipment for ophthalmic imaging and a secure means of communicating that information with their on-call ophthalmologists if they are able to capture it.

Almost all surveyed emergency physicians indicated that they would welcome a solution that reduced ophthalmic consults to fifteen minutes or less. These findings suggest that tele-ophthalmology solutions such as Paxos that enable secure communication and point-of-care ophthalmic imaging can meet the needs of the ER and greatly improve ER efficiencies. To learn more about Paxos, visit www.digisight.net/ds/product.


Ritu Tandon
Associate Director, Marketing