Our Story


Renowned ophthalmologist and serial entrepreneur Mark Blumenkranz and neurophysicist Daniel Palanker founded DigiSight Technologies in 2011 with the belief that mobile technologies could deliver care more efficiently. Now led by a team of healthcare and software veterans from Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, Nvidia, Epocrates, Intuit and Genentech, and backed by blue chip investors including GE Ventures, DigiSight Technologies is developing mobile solutions designed to engage patients and help physicians improve care and clinical outcomes.

The company’s Paxos™ suite of products includes a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based portal, vision assessment smartphone application, powerful mobile imaging device, and analytics that together allow physicians and researchers to monitor patient data in real time.

DigiSight Technologies is committed to partnering with mobile device inventors and companies to drive the growth and adoption of mobile diagnostic innovation in ophthalmology. For more information on working with DigiSight, please contact info@digisight.net.