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Paxos Checkup logo

DigiSight’s flagship mobile tool for vision assessment, available on iOS and Android


Home Monitoring

Enhance patient care

Monitor patient vision data remotely. Patients complete vision assessments, specifically a visual acuity test and dynamic Amsler grid.


Larger Datasets

Richer data, deeper insights

Gather at-home visual function metrics from patients on an ongoing basis and generate datasets significantly larger than standard of care that could enable physicians to develop valuable clinical insights.


Patient-Physician Connection

Your reach beyond the office

Extend physician presence in patient care outside clinical settings and facilitate a more efficient patient and physician communication.

How It Works


Patient completes vision tests on mobile device.


Data is securely transmitted in real time to the Paxos Cloud


Physician views data on Paxos and contacts patient as appropriate.



Available now on iOS and Android

DigiSight currently offers Paxos Checkup at no cost to patients. Pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and physician practices interested in deploying Paxos Checkup should contact for more information.

Paxos Checkup is available to patients by prescription only. The Paxos Checkup application cannot replace clinical judgment and is intended to be used in conjunction with the multiple clinical tools considered the standard of care for disease diagnosis and progression detection.


Paxos Checkup is available on iOS and Android. Please contact to ensure your device and iOS level is supported.