Patient eye care is at your fingertips with Paxos, a connected HIPAA-compliant eye examination and care coordination tool. With Paxos, healthcare teams can collaborate in real-time, from the initial patient encounter to EHR documentation. Patient information, including images and video, is captured and automatically shared from the point-of-care.



Capture the visual patient information you need

Use Paxos to capture high resolution photos and videos at the point of care with smartphone adapters or other handheld and tabletop imaging systems. Patient information is instantly transmitted to the cloud and can be viewed in the patient timeline along with other key ophthalmic measures such as visual acuity, IOP, and comments.



Connected platform for triage, referrals, and handoffs

Share patient information with colleagues in real-time and discuss next steps for patient care. With Paxos, providers can collaborate and instantly facilitate patient handoffs to ensure continuity of care. Paxos features a streamlined notification system for case management.



Data transfer with the click of a button

Paxos integrates with EHRs, PACS, and other electronic health record systems. With EHR integration, providers can place orders to ensure complete collection of patient information. The Paxos application also enables the creation of billable notes using information from the patient timeline. Cloud-based transmission of this information makes documentation effortless.

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